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Post  Poppy on Mon Feb 04, 2013 5:29 am

On behalf of all of the members of Countless Days, I would like to welcome you to our humble site.
Countless Days, or CD if you will, was a site created by Fastlane and continued on by Flying Turd and myself, Poppy. Here on CD, Turd and I are the main sources of authority, but you can also go to senior members (such as Simba and Storm) when you can't find us or we aren't on. We try as hard as we can to make everyone feel included and happy on this site and encourage that other members do so as well to create a positive atmosphere (or else things get as awkward as hell 'round here). Hopefully you'll be here to stay for a while and keep up with our activity!

The History:
This two year old site started off as a stray dog roleplay and eventually graduated to a supernatural roleplay (as you can see from the topics in the locked topics). After many periods of on and off activity Turd and I decided that opening up the site to the public and other people would be the best for it's survival (actually it was all Turd's work since I really just sat around doing nothing ;).

The Basics
Countless Days, as mentioned before, is a supernatural roleplay site, meaning that things don't exactly have to be realistic. As I figured out earlier today, the roleplay was set in Buffalo, New York, but since Turd and I have pretty much been oblivious to things geography wise we're just going to assume that the setting is in the general vicinity of New York the state or New York City as in the city if you want to get specific. Previously, a lot of the roleplay areas used were abandoned warehouses and streets that most likely never have existed and never are going to exist, but the staff of the site is hard at work trying to figure out new and fun areas for you and your character to enjoy. If you would like to contribute any ideas, please swag in the topic below:


Also, I would like to mention that this is a mature roleplay site, so if you plan on joining please be aware that there will be graphic (R-rated) material.

That's all I'm going to swag here on this topic, if you are still confused or curious, please visit some of the other topics that will go more in depth about things around here. We hope that you enjoy the site and have a great time- now go get swagging!
Poppy the Asian & Sir Flying Turd

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