The Supernatural Breeds and their Abilities

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The Supernatural Breeds and their Abilities  Empty The Supernatural Breeds and their Abilities

Post  Fastlane on Sun Oct 02, 2011 4:22 am

What is this? -

This topic is to help you out with your characters supernatural ability. I will describe what each supernatural breed can do and if they can only do it at certain times. This will help you out in role play when your character is using their supernatural ability. If you have any questions please post them in the FAQ.

Necromancers - Necromancers are supernatural beings that can control the dead and spirits of the dead. Though their abilities are limited, necromancers can speak to the dead ["ghosts"] and have them do their bidding for a certain period of time. Necromancers cannot bring the dead back to the life, but they can also speak to them for the purpose of divination [foreseeing the future].

Lycans and Shifters - Lycans are supernatural human creatures that can transform into a wolf whenever they want, unlike werewolves who can't control when they change. They represent more of a large walking wolf with a human-like structure but are much more muscular than werewolves and smarter.

Shifters are any supernatural human that can change into an animal at their choice [ex; a dog or cat]. Some shifters can change into only one animal, others two or three, and still others are limitless as to what they can change into. The difference between lycans and shifters is that lycans can change strictly into wolves.

Demons - Demons are special entities that are often considered unclean servants of sin. Sometimes they are fallen angels that were sent down to earth due to their sins and mistakes, other times they are tormentors in hell that have emerged onto the earth. Often times demons have completely coal black eyes (which they can obviously hide to blend in with humans). Demons from hell start off as human souls, turned evil and into a demon after thousands of years of torture. Demons are often enemies with angels.

Sorcerers - A sorcerer is like a wizard, but with more capabilities. They can cast powerful spells, some combatant, some used for other purposes. A sorcerer has a cap on their power based on their age and physical ability, and using too much power can severely drain them of energy, sometimes fatally.

Witches - Basically, a female sorcerer.

Angels - An angel is a spiritual being that is considered a servant of god. Based on stereotypes, angels are considered -- personality wise -- kind and allegedly loving, but there is really no set basis for how angels act. They are often enemies of demons.

Fallen Angels - Obviously used to be an angel, but convicted of every kind of sin. So their grace was taken away and they were sent to live on earth.

Hybrids- Hybrids are basically a mix of anything of the above, for example; there could be a supernatural with the ability to bend fire but also change forms like a shape-shifter. That is a hybrid, they are a mix of any two or three things.

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