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Post  Turd on Tue Feb 05, 2013 1:34 am

As you should know, Countless Days takes place in the state of New York/New York city. Now, its not just go your general role playing fun, there's a plot to spice things up for our characters. I mean come on, what good is a story without a good plot?

Year 2012.

New York. One of the worlds most popular cities, abundant with thousands of human life. Each year, millions of tourists from all over the world come to visit this bursting city to see all its sights, and glories. To reminance in the memorials, stare in awe at the Twin Towers(yes they will still be up), climb to the top of Mrs. America... and to catch a glimpse of the rising supernatural activity sighted there. Since the year 2000, Supernatural sighting have been growing more frequently, humans are getting suspicious while most are starting to think that monsters are real. Some humans already know that kids nightmares are real, and they go and to hunt and destroy these creatures.

Supernaturals are being drawn to this magnificent city for some unknown reason, yet they're struggling for survivor and to stay hidden away from humans. Instead, they've found ways to adapt and blend in with the humans. Shape Shifters become turn into humans, demons, angels, witches, taking on the forms of humans. Turning themselves into animals- any way possible for them to stay hidden. A large secret group of humans have gathered, well trained and know what to look for to find Supernaturals- and kill them. These humans are very skilled and smart, they do not give up easily, forcing the supernaturals to kill the humans- which is near forbidden for it draws attention from the media.

The Humans have a mysterious leader however, who no one has found yet, and who is blood thirsty for the deaths of all Supernatural beings. Can your character survive this harsh city life, always being exhausted, hungry, scared, hunted.... Can your character survive these Countless Days?

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